Symptoms of early pregnancy

Symptoms of Early Pregnancy? How to Understand?

Early pregnancy is one of the items which is wondered by many women. What are the symptoms of early pregnancy? Which symptoms mean pregnancy? These are the subjects that searched by nearly all women. Can pregnancy be understood without a pregnancy test? What are the first symptoms of pregnancy? You’ll find answer to these questions in this article.

Symptoms of early pregnancy

What Does Early Pregnancy Mean?

Woman are so sensitive and they can easily recognize the changes on their body. If you think you are pregnant, it will be enough to listen to your body. You can find all answers on your body. If you are pregnant, the body will adapt to changes. Infect, the pregnancy is body’s adaption to changes.

Many of expectant mothers ask these questions: What are the symptoms of pregnancy and how to understand pregnancy? Pregnancy symptoms may change from person to person. In this article you will find the symptoms seen commonly in expectant mothers. It doesn’t mean that you will have these symptoms. Every woman has different features, so everyone will have different symptoms.

Symptoms of Early Pregnancy, Menstrual Delay

How to understand pregnancy

Menstrual delay is one of the symptoms of early pregnancy for almost all women. It is seen on every pregnant woman and it is the main symptom of pregnancy. Your period’s being late doesn’t mean that you are certainly pregnant. Sometimes women may experience menstrual delay due to irregular nutrition or metabolic changes.

Breast Growth and Increased Sensitivity

symptoms of very early pregnancy

One of the answer to the question “how to understand pregnancy?” is the growth of breasts. Breasts grow during pregnancy because of the hormones. Symptoms of pregnancy are felt densely in the first month. Breast buds and tenderness are signs of early pregnancy. Also the Brown part on the nipples becomes slightly darker.

Frequent Urination

Early pregnancy symptoms include frequent urination. Despite your usual diet, if you urinate frequently and your wine’s colour is darker, these are also symptoms of early pregnancy. This will go away after a few months in some women. This station which is known as a symptom of early pregnancy lasts until birth in some women.

Symptoms of Early Pregnancy-Fatigue

Early pregnancy symptoms

When the pregnancy starts, women’s body focus on the baby. This makes them tired faster they may feel exhausted. The hormone called progesterone causes these symptoms. You may need more sleep because of this hormone.


The most commonly known symptom is of course dizziness. As the body tries to adapt this changes, vascular enlargement occurs. Dizziness is one of the symptoms of very early pregnancy. Expectant mother may have dizziness. Dizziness may cause drop in blood pressure and fainting.

Symptoms of Early Pregnancy-Changes in Mood

Early pregnancy symptoms

With the pregnancy period starts, many hormones occur in the mother’s body. These hormones get into the blood. In the first months, many pregnant woman cry. Because they cannot adapt their changed body easily. Because of changing mood, they may also experience outbursts of anger.

Pain in the Groin

The pan in the groin is, one of the most important symptoms of pregnancy. Woman experience pain in the groin a little bit more than they experience in the menstruation. Pain in the groin is one of the answers to question “How to understand pregnancy?” Woman may think that the menstruation period starts because of these pain. This pain generally experienced in the first months of pregnancy, but it may last until birth.

What are the Other Symptoms to Early Pregnancy?

Early pregnancy symptoms

There are some other symptoms and they are listed above:

  • Discharge
  • Increase in body temperature
  • Nausea
  • Odor sensitivity
  • Constipation
  • Headache
  • Excessive loss of appetite or reverse
  • Craving
  • Disgust
  • Sexual Desire
symptoms of very early pregnancy

These symptoms may not be seen at first. They may appear in the 4th or 6th weeks of pregnancy. Symptoms of early pregnancy seen at different times according to person’s metabolism. As it is told at first, all women may not experience these symptoms. Everybody has different features.

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