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Flu in Pregnancy, What to Do for Cold in Pregnancy?

Many expectant mother are scared of being the flu in pregnancy. Pregnant woman cannot take pill, so the flu is a big problem for them. Especially in winter, they are afraid of being ill. What can be done when you have the flu in pregnancy? This question’s answer is wondered by pregnant women. The flu generally occurs in fall and spring. Over 200 viruses cause the flu.

flu in pregnancy

The people have cold generally experience watery eyes, erythema, stuffy nose, coryza, headache. The flu is worse than cold. It is transmitted with the virus influenza. In the flu there is also strong headache, joint pains and cough. The flu and cold occur because of viruses and generally transmitted by sneezing and cough. They are transmitted by breathing. Not to be the flu in pregnancy, expectant mothers shouldn’t be in crowded places.

the flu in pregnancy

How Can I Prevent The Flu and Cold in Pregnancy

  • To prevent these diseases, don’t go to the places which are ill people in.
  • Don’t use public transportation. Be careful about not to go to school or crowded places.
  • If you have to  stay in a risky area, use mask.
  • Not handshake with people especially in winter. Because people can be ill much in winter time.

Cold Treatment in Pregnancy

To treat the flu in pregnancy, determine the illness’s degree. If it is cold, food for immunity is enough. You can use brine for stuffiness, also. Also taking much water or other liquids and a humid atmosphere will be enough. If expectant mother has the flu, it will be enough. If expectant mother has the flu, it will be useful to take pastille for sore throat. Antiseptic gargle and hot drinks are also good. With a good nutrition, it will go away in 3-5 days.

We searched the answer to the question: “How to get away the flu in pregnancy?” The main answer is mother’s care. Mothers should be careful about their health and eat some food to make stronger their immunity system.

Which Pills Can Be Used in the Flu in Pregnancy?

flu in pregnancy

Expectant mothers mustn’t take pill without a doctor’s advice. If the pill is necessary, it must be given by a specialist doctor. Especially, in the first trimester mothers mustn’t take pill. In this term the baby’s organs grow. If you have flu in pregnancy, you can take natural pastilles and pyretic with paracetamol safely. These are safe in the first trimester.

If these natural methods are not effective and you are still ill, you should see a doctor immediately. If you have high fever and you are getting worse, you must go to the doctor urgently. You can visit our page to read our article on how diaper rashes in babies passes.

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