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Menstruation Pain,What is Good For Menstruation Pain?

The bleeding fact that known as menstruation is a process in uterus. Uterus waits for fertilization. When the fertilization doesn’t occur, the bleeding starts. What is good for menstruation and are the natural things good for menstruation pain? These questions are the ones which is wondered by women suffering from this pain. The uterus consists from a muscle tissue. This tissue starts to tighten to get rid of from uterus Wall.

menstruation pain

The hormone called prostaglandin’s secretion starts before a few days from bleeding and triggers spasm in uterus when it reaches at maximum level in blood. How the higher the level of this hormone, the more severe the menstruation cramps. The main answer the question what causes menstruation pain is the hormone called prostaglandin in blood. There are also another reasons that another reasons that cause menstruation cramps. Here are some of them;

menstruation cramps
  • In some women, the cervix is too narrow to flow the blood. This increases blood pressure during menstruation mains and causes menstruation cramps.
  • In some women, tissue covering uterus comes out of the uterus and this causes severe menstruation pain.
  • The fibrosis occurred in uterus Wall and uterine fibroids consisted of muscle tissue don’t cause concern, but they are big and hard tumors. The women have uterine fibroids live the menstruation pain more severely.
  • Some illnesses which are sexually transmitted and infectious diseases also cause severe menstruation pain.

What are the Signs of Menstruation Pain?

Here are some of the sings which seen menstruation with cramps.

  • Paint hat start to concentrate in lower abdomen.
  • These pains may start before 1-2 days from menstruation and reach the peak in the first twenty-four hours following the onset of menstruation. Then it starts to decrease in two or three days.
  • A pain which cause a constant feeling of weight occur in the grain and inner legs.
  • Sometimes this pain can spread to the waist and my cause drowsier.
  • Some woman may feel this pain leers then normal, but some a may feel more severe ıt also may seen cause dizziness nausea and soft stool in some women.
menstruation cramps

Which Women Suffer From Menstruation Pain More Severely?

Before giving answer to the question “What is good for menstruation cramps?”, let’s find answer to the question “which women suffer from menstruation cramps severely?”

  • The ones under age 30.
  • The ones living early puberty (11 years and under)
  • Those with heavy bleeding during menstruation.
  • Those have irregular menstruation.
  • Those have genetic problem related to menstruation.
  • The people smoke also suffer more severe pain.

Menstruation cramps don’t cause any health problem, but they affect people social life in a negative way. 

What is Good For Menstruation Pain? What are the Treatment Methods at Home?

There are some treatment methods which are known and applied by many for menstruation cramps.

menstruation pain

Hot Therapy: Fill a hot water bag with hot water or heat a towel and put it under your abdomen. The warmth will accelerate the blood circulation and minimize your pain.

Relaxation Exercises: Lay on your bed and take deep breath. Relax your body and move your legs. The stretched body will relax and your pain will decrease. If you do sport regularly, you won’t suffer much.

What Plants are Good For Menstruation?

If you try to answer to the question what is good for menstruation cramps, it will be good to eat some food.

menstruation pain

Ginger: Boil the water in a teapot, then add some lemon and a piece of peeled ginger. You can add one or two spoons honey, If you want. Drink this mixture 2-3 glasses in a day. It will minimize the pain.

menstruation pain

Basil: Boil the basil in water and wait 15-20 minutes. It will soak. Drink one glass per day to decrease your pain.

menstruation cramps

Sugar Cane Molasses: Sugar cane molasses is rich in iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, manganese and vitamins B6. What is go for menstruation pain/pains? Sugar cane molasses is one of the best answers to this question. It decreases blood coagulation and relax the uterus Wall muscles.

Chamomile Tea: Add 3 spoons of dried chamomile tea in teapot. Soak 10 minutes. You can add lemon and honey. You can look at our page for benefits of balm tea.

Parsley: Add a piece of parsley to 250 ml and boil 5 minutes. Cool it in and drink 2 glasses in a day you will relax.

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