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How Do You Know If You Have Coronavirus?

Coronavirus, which is seen as an epidemic and spreads very rapidly all over the world, can cause serious health problems. It can be fatal in those with chronic conditions and those over a certain age. The epidemic, which is so serious for many, can be overcome by some. How do you know if you have survived this epidemic that the whole world is struggling with? In many countries of the world, the number of deaths is increasing day by day and these deaths caused by the epidemic cannot be prevented.

Many countries also experience difficulties in medical tools and equipment. Because the virus, also known as Covid-19, is spreading very quickly. This inevitably makes countries inadequate in terms of healthcare equipment and staff. In our country, the number of deaths and the number of patients caught by coronavirus is increasing day by day, and the spread of some kind of epidemic cannot be prevented. Despite the serious work of the Ministry of Health and the health teams, it is very important for our citizens to do their part at this point and not to go out unless they are very urgent.


How Do You Know Whether You Have Coronavirus?

Throughout the world, the coronavirus is most common in the 20-49 age group. Among those in this age group, only 15-20% of those suffering from the illness experience severe symptoms to apply to the hospital. Most people in this age group survive coronavirus disease very mildly, and it appears that the body spends 2 weeks after producing antibodies. It is only possible to understand that the survivors survived when one of their homes was caught without any symptoms. In mild survivors, the body forms antibodies and becomes immune.


So what kind of symptoms occur in mild coronavirus survivors?

• One of the most common symptoms is weakness and back pain.

• Cough, abdominal pain, chills-chills or diarrhea are also symptoms that can be observed.


One of the most curious questions is whether the survivors of coronavirus have any damage to their body. Almost all of the light fighters do not have any permanent damage. In the same way, it is also among the curious questions whether people who survive will be caught again. In the light of the explanations made based on the data obtained and based on the estimates, there is a risk of re-catching the disease survivors. Therefore, almost everyone should pay attention to social distance and never forget that they can get coranavirus disease again.

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