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Chamomile Tea and All About The Effects

The benefits of chamomile tea are too many to count. We share some of the most well-known medicinal properties for you.

chamomile tea

Chamomile Herbal Tea Eliminates Inflammation

Chamomile is a very versatile medicinal plant. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antispasmodic effects. Chamomile herbal tea helps with inflammation in the mouth and digestive organs:

  • With gum infections or suppurating almonds, you can drink or gargle with lukewarm chamomile herbal tea. With acute inflammation, you should not drink hot tea because the heat stimulates blood circulation. This allows the bacteria to spread throughout the body.
  • If you have a cold, you can inhale chamomile herbal tea and so relieve the inflammation in the nose and airways.
  • With gastrointestinal infections caused by bacteria, chamomile herbal tea helps with its antibacterial effect and relieves stomach cramps. A cup of chamomile herbal tea before breakfast helps with stomach inflammation and also relieves stomach ulcers.
  • The mucilages contained in the chamomile flower neutralize excessive acid production in the stomach, so that chamomile herbal tea also helps with heartburn and gastritis.

Offers External Treatment

Chamomile owes its effect to essential oils such as bisabolol and a precursor of chamazulen. The oils in the flowers are particularly concentrated. In plant medicine and also in cosmetics, chamomile oils are used as an extract because of their anti-inflammatory effects. The chamazulen has a deep blue color, so chamomile creams are often bluish. Instead of drinking chamomile herbal tea, you can also use it externally to treat inflammation:

  • You can wash out smaller abrasions with cooled chamomile herbal tea and thus prevent infection.
  • As a tonic, chamomile tea helps treat slightly impure skin.

Drink The Right Chamomile Tea

Several types of chamomile have healing effects. The most effective is the real chamomile (bot. Matricaria chamomilla). It is now growing in all temperate climates around the world. As a weed, chamomile prefers the biotopes in the field. The increasing use of herbicides such as glyphosate has drastically reduced the diversity of wild herbs in the field in recent years.

You can easily pull the real chamomile yourself in the herb garden. The plant is annual and has to be sown again every year. It is best to pick the flowers for the tea shortly after flowering and dry them gently.

If you don’t want to first harvest and dry the chamomile flowers for your tea, you can buy chamomile herbal tea in a herb shop, in a pharmacy or online. However, in the conventional trade, chamomile tea comes from industrial plantations, especially in Egypt, Argentina and south-east Europe. The questionable use of pesticides cannot always be monitored in such plantations.

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