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Makeup Look, How to Makeup?

makeup look

Makeup is an indispensable passion for many women. There are some features f makeup, of course. Let’s share how to makeup look, what should be considered when makeup? Right makeup is very important, because it makes the woman feels well. Woman makeup t feel well or disappear the defects from their early ages.

makeup looks

How to Make Daily Makeup?

What is more important than this question’s answer is the question how should I makeup? Per woman has different skin and makeup is a special thing to person. You should now yourself well, if you want to have a good makeup look.

makeup look
  • Is your skin oily or dry?
  • Are your eyes big?
  • How is your skin color?

You should find the answers of these questions and then start to makeup. After recognizing your skin you should decide the kind of makeup. Is your aim dis appearing the defects on your face or highlighting the specific lines? A heavy and stylish makeup to be attractive in your environment or a simple one? Do you want a light one to go out or night makeup? After you find answers to these questions, you can start application.

How to Makeup Look?

Now, it is time to tell having a good makeup look.

makeup look

Prepare Your Face: Before starting the process, prepare your skin. Use skin tonic. After this, rub a suntan cream even if it is winter.

makeup look

Foundation: Foundation should be applied to the skin with the help of a sponge. You should wash and dry your sponge after every usage. Use foundation in a bright place. Day makeup should be applied in a well bright place. You should choose foundation that compatible with your skin color. You should rub in thin layers. You should spread well especially to the bottom of the hair and leave no opening.


Powder: Powder which will be applied on foundation, should be transparent. If you will use it alone, you should be careful about its color. Use big makeup brush and spread it as thin layers.

Eye Makeup Effects Your Looks: You should apply a powdered concealer around the eyes and eyelids to make it two tones lighter than the foundation color. It will be brighter. If your eyes small, use oily eyeliner on your eyes up, down and inner parts. Let’s see how to have a well makeup looks. You may use a white eyeliner. After use a dark grey or black eyeliner to your eyes lower parts. Spread it gently with finger tips. You’ll have steamy eyes.

Us Mascara Instead of Eye-Liner: Using eyeliner is a difficult process. If you use it well, you’ll have nice and effective eyes. If you cannot use it well, it will disrupt your all effort. It’s usage is easy and will give you effective eyes with its oily content. Make it’s tip thin.

How to Have Right Makeup?

Now, it’s the turn of mascara, blush and lips.

Mascara: You may have big and effective eyes with black or brown mascara. Raise your head slightly and rub it opposite a mirror. So you don’t get the mascara around your eyes. 

Blush: Brush used for blush should be long-haired and soft. The brushes should be clean. Blush color should be compatible with skin color to have a nice makeup. It may be pinkish or earth tones. To have nice appearance, blush shouldn’t seen like a stain and should be slightly applied. Don’t use the brush hard, be kind.

You may apply it a little bit dark, if it is night. Spread it pretty well. If you have a round face, apply it under the cheekbone to the clums to have a thin face. If your face is square, rub the blush on cheekbones and lower side of the jaw. You may have a softer makeup look.

makeup look

Lips: The shape of lips is very important, of course. If the lips are thin, a fine frame is drawn with the help of a bone-colored pencil with the end of the lips applied foundation. Spread the drawn frame with fingertips to reduce the sharpness of the line. Draw a frame with lip pencil and color the inner part with the lipstick you choose. Light colours will show your lips plump. If your lips are thick dark colours may be a better choice to show your lips thinner. You will look very beautiful with the right makeup look.

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