Hair Care, How To Take Care Of Your Hair ?

I have always been complicated with my hair and that is an understatement. It took me about 15 years to find a top hairstylist – Samuel if you read me – and in terms of skincare products I never found anything that was both pleasant and effective. However, I realized early on that my hairstyle was an accessory like any other, with the detail ready that my hair was not replaceable!

It is pushing an open door to say that the hair products sold in supermarkets are of low quality, and Samuel has always warned me against these shampoos that scour the scalp.

Recently, so I became interested in my hair mass to be sure I didn’t do anything. As I am not an expert in terms of hair, I took advantage of a meeting with a team of specialists to ask them that they are the 10 golden rules to respect to take care of your hair when you are a man.

1-) Wash Your Hair At The Right Temperature

It is advisable to wash your hair with lukewarm or even cold water. I must admit that I would choose lukewarm, because the cold shower every morning may be a bit harsh despite all the love I have for my hair!

The hair is a very fragile element, and the fresh water has the effect of tightening its “scales” and making it more resistant. No more hot or even hot shower that damages the hair. Like the skin, the hair feeds on fresh water … and love too!

2-) Put The Shampoo Into Light Cırcular Movements At Your Fingertips

Hair massage is an integral part of washing. Just like at your hairdresser. Besides being nice, it’s good for your scalp. Indeed, this massage relaxes nerve endings, improves blood circulation and oxygenation in the capillary vascular system, and restores vigor to the hair. Rather nice as advice!

3-) Ne Pas Oublıer De Bien Rıncer Ses Cheveux

The purpose of a good rinse is to remove the detergent residues that you have just applied and which take with them the pollution, the styling products and the grease stuck on your hair (yuck …). Poorly rinsed hair is less shiny, more sticky and ultimately less beautiful. Take advantage of the rinsing to lower the water temperature a little in order to tighten the hair “scales” well (as in point 1). For bath lovers, do not take the water from your bath to rinse but prefer cool and clean water.

hair care

4-) For The Hair Care Don’t Take The Girl’s Shampoo

This is certainly the most important advice we can give you. Products for women are often not suitable for our hair type. You have to know the nature of your hair to know which product to choose.

There are two products that I like and use:

  • Horace’s mild shampoo, scented with citrus and mint;
  • the conditioner from Horace, which leaves the hair very soft!
hair care

5-) Having A Light Hand On Hairdressing Products

There is no point in covering your skull with a ton of gooey dough to look like an ephebe. A good hairstyling product and a small amount of product in the palm of your hand is enough to style your hair well. If this is not the case, it is certainly because you are using the wrong product.

6-) Use A Malleable Paste Or Hair Wax To Gıve A Natural Movement

The cardboard effect gel was really nice in the 90s, but today we’re coming back to natural. To be styled without looking like it, you have to choose a product that suits you.

For my part, I tested and appreciated several products:

  • For a light hold and a “surfer effect”: the styling spray from Horace – available here – it gives texture but does not stick or weigh down the hair;
  • For medium hold and “natural” hold: the styling cream from Horace – available here – it gives a beautiful hold in an invisible way;
  • For a firm hold, but a repositionable hairstyle: a “Mat” paste from L’Oreal professional, which you can buy here | or the Maneuver wax from Redken, which is great and which you can find here.
  • For a strong hold and a mat effect: a wax from Horace – available here – for a truly impeccable hold;
  • For firm fixing:

How to style yourself with hair wax? Once showered, wait until the hair is dry or use a hairdryer if necessary. Then apply a dab of wax in the palm of your hand, heat and apply! That’s all.

7-) Reacting Quickly At The First Signs Of Hair Loss

It’s a bit like wrinkles, prevention is better than cure. If you are concerned by this problem, adopt a routine of care designed to act long-term against loss of density and hair loss. Some products aim to combat the early stages of hair refinement, with a shampoo, treatment and spray for the scalp enriched with Aminexil, the benchmark anti-hair loss molecule.

Cerafill is for example an excellent product to fight against this problem. You can also take an anti-hair loss treatment from La Biosthetique, which is – according to some people – a great way to keep your hair as long as possible. Attention, the most important is to follow assiduously and daily the treatment that you decide to follow. This is the secret of success!

hair care

😎 Pending On The Results, Use An Instant Thickening Treatment

It’s not too much of a problem for me but some men have thin hair. To remedy this, you can use products that thicken the diameter of each hair. This is a good tip to know to hide a thin layer of hair. Cerafill Dense FX is a good example of a thickening spray.

9-) Wash Your Hair Well After Each Sports Session

It is essential to remove sweat or dust from the hair after a sports session to free them from all the elements that make them dull. In case of daily sports, choose a shampoo designed for frequent use. For outdoor athletes, you can protect your hair from the sun with a care that you can prick his girlfriend.

10-) Don’t Forget To Go To The Hairdresser!

A beautiful haircut for men can radically change the morphology of your face. This involves finding the haircut you need by asking the advice of a hairstylist, for example. But the most important thing is to find a cut that you like and in which you are confident. As with clothing, stay yourself and don’t force yourself. Your style is in your naturalness!

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